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Give Happiness a Fair Chance
April 11, 2009, 8:49 pm
Filed under: Lifestyle


I don’t own tomorrow or yesterday-today is all i’ve got. And if i don’t make today good, then i’m only going to be pissed off tomorrow” – Christina Applegate

As humans, we are often so quick to push aside all that is positive in our lives with those that are negative. It is almost second nature. Why do we let the negative instantly take away our happiness? It seems we are more welcoming to our negative emotions without giving the positive a fair chance. Some may argue it to be a defense mechanism. For example, the less we may be happy, the less it has to be taken away from us. Wrong. That would be a ‘negative’ response and it’s safe to say that two negatives can only make a positive in the world of math. If anything, it should be seen the other way around. The happier we are, and the more we embrace the lives that we live and experiences we encounter, the easier the battle to fighting negativity can be. Some things are just not worth worrying about. Granted, we cannot be in 100% control of our emotions [though I’d say it would be a great ability to have at some points in time.] at all times, but we can allow ourselves to realize what really matters and what doesn’t. By allowing ourselves to get frustrated over matters such as opposing beliefs, material desires, and simple character traits, we give people the right to consider us selfish, greedy, even unappreciative. We have to take what we have been given, accept it, and work our lives around making what we’ve got golden.