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Be the Possibility
May 5, 2009, 7:21 pm
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Is it mere coincidence that my thoughts start racing the most when I sit through my psychology class? All this talk about What’s thought? What’s knowledge? What’s fact? Makes me question everything around me. Just because you have knowledge, does not mean you can in fact utilize that knowledge whenever you please. Lately, I’ve been realizing more  that – as cliché as it sounds – but we truly are in control of our life experiences. Of course there are some things out of mortal control, but for the most part – WE make things happen. If we are acting in ways that we are not satisfied with, its solely up to us to turn the tables. Often time it takes chance, but without  chance, possibility would not even exist – thus, we will always be trapped in one path. The greatest thing I did in my life as of yet was take the chance and step forward and pursue my interests in Marketing. Granted, this isn’t the most extreme case of ‘chance’ but it’s a step. The competition in this field is high and let’s face it, the economy is unpleasant. This is where chance came in to play. I decided to take the attitude of differentiating myself from these negatives. Instead of becoming part of the ‘chance,’ I made myself the possibility. And ever since, I’ve seen nothing but positive results. Knock on wood. (excuse my superstition) I landed myself an internship with VH1, to which I am completing soon. I most certainly do not intend on stopping there. By continuing to reach and achieve- I received amazing news of my being accepted for two more internships during the summer and fall. There are no limits for me. Determination is key and success will be on the waiting to greet me on the other side of the door.

Take away: Don’t let chance stop you from taking a step forward. Don’t let the fear of the economy devour your being. Your efforts define your outcomes. Step up to the plate and keep swinging – there are no strikeouts in this game.



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