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Make school worth it
May 11, 2009, 12:46 pm
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Many wonder why peoples desire for education is decreasing and they always point the blame on the students – My take is that they are blaming the wrong people! The administration really has to look more closely at the professors they are hiring. A lot of them have no care in the world other than hearing their own voice. I had a professor that gave us assignments that were due before we were ever taught a lesson on the topic! His reasoning – “how else do you learn?” hmm, usually we’re taught something first, buddy! It’s ridiculous to think that we have to pay so much money only to teach ourselves, no? Then they wonder why students are no longer motivated. DUH! It’s because class isn’t being taught seriously…by the profs, gosh. In college, to be treated like your in elementary school does not fly. Keep in mind, some students may even be older than the profs themselves!

My point here is, throughout my time at college, I have come across only TWO professors who have expressed their care for the students. One of which taught the class as a business, allowing us to treat class on a whole new level with a newfound respect. He even took the time to give us complete insight into the marketing industry and all the options that are available to us as marketing majors. It was more than I teach you listen – it was actual discussion.

Thanks to those profs. As for the others – they get a big fat F!



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