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Who Has It Easier?
May 12, 2009, 2:50 pm
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So the question at hand is: Who has it easier when it comes to shopping – Men or Women?

I always felt that it was easier for a man to shop/dress. The options are limited – it’s all the same.  But women on the other hand have so much more to consider. Most of the time there’s a lot of layering involved. How will you accessorize? Which shoes go with what outfit? Which bag will you take? Not often do you see a women throw on a tee and a pair of jeans and walk out the house – of course there are few instances that call for this [instances that I love as a matter of fact] but I’m talking on grounds of ACTUALLY dressing up! Not every piece fits the same as the other and it seems so hard to find something that’ll be flattering. If a man was to buy a plain tee, there’s a good chance it’ll look just fine. If a women was to buy a plain tee, my guess is the opposite. Why is that? Or am I completely off here and finding any reason to rationalize my pickiness and lack of finding anything that I like these days? Grrr…

Any suggestions on new stores in NY to possibly check out?? Mind you, I’m petite so you can add that to the “make it more difficult for Natalie to shop list.” I’m looking for a change!



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I disagree. I think men, if they actually have style, have a lot to consider in terms of their wardrobes as well. I think we tend to think men have it easier because a lot of them just don’t dress well/ aren’t marketed to as heavily by the fashion industry as women are

Comment by Liza

Definitely aren’t a major target in the fashion world. Selection is minimal still – fashionable or not. Take a suit for example: Change the shirt/tie – you’re good. As for a dress – repeats [in the same circle] are a no no.

Comment by Natalie

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