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Shoedazzle! Leave It To The Pros
May 13, 2009, 8:26 pm
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Kim Kardashian: Saving one shoe crisis at a time

Kim Kardashian: Saving one shoe crisis at a time

I always kept the saying: “If the shoe fits – buy it” close to my heart until I realized it’s toll on my wallet! booo.

So I have been hearing about this relatively new site called Shoedazzle, where it acts as your personal shoe stylist with Kim Kardashian as the Chief Executive Stylist – you cant go wrong. By the way, this clearly will help in eliminating the sometimes undesirable shoe shopping experience. Well according to what this membership offers – you’ll be shopping for the hottest trends in shoes and only paying $39 a month with a one shoe limit per month –  Now you’re asking yourself “Who wants to pay $39 a month? That adds up too, no?” Well, get this – you are only charged when you choose a pair of shoes. At any month you can choose to “skip this month” and you won’t be charged a penny! If anyone is more familiar with this service, please feel free to enlighten me!

I have yet to try this myself – but am giving it much consideration. Check it out for yourself: Shoedazzle


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