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The Biggest Winner
May 13, 2009, 7:50 pm
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Looks like a winner to me

Looks like a winner to me

The Biggest Loser is a brilliant show with the goal of helping and motivating those who aspire to lead healthier lifestyles.  It isn’t an easy task for most, and for some – genetics get in the way. Exercise is often viewed as exhausting –  but if you stay focused and dedicated to your goal, it is highly rewarding. However, the key is to set attainable goals. Nothing unrealistic. Reach for long-term goals as opposed to short-term, which in most cases backfire. Look at exercise as more than a tedious task. More than a treadmill. More than a figure. It’s your health. It’s your life. In reality, it energizes you. Once you allow yourself to believe you can do it – just like anything else, it becomes reality. Remember, there is no such thing as a ‘diet’ anymore – it becomes you. It livens you.

I recently started caring more about my health and I feel better than ever. Something as little as taking the stairs instead of the elevator makes a difference.

Take Away: Set a goal – then reach.



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