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I Too, Am A Celebrity
May 14, 2009, 10:41 am
Filed under: Believe Me, Celebrity, Lifestyle


Isn’t it so fascinating how much we endulge ourselves in the lives of celebrities? How excited we get if we see them on the streets? Think about – all a celebrity entails is being widely known. For example, if Nicole Kidman, or Paris Hilton were unknown, they wouldn’t exactly be celebrities. [Obviously] That’s my point exactly. We can all be celebrities in our own lives, with the advantage of having the privacy to live our lives. It just so happens that the stars we are familiar with today have gained their celeb status by doing what they love: acting/singing/performing/etc… You can be a celebrity in your own circle of friends, in your community, in your profession. You won’t necessarily have the riches of the rich & famous, nor be on everyones television screen – but you’ll be doing something you love, and you’ll be doing it in excellence – who wouldn’t want to know you?!

Take Away: Please do not see this as ‘hating’ on celebs – good for them and their achievements. I’m just saying that you too can be a celebrity, in its true sense of the word, in your own way!



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