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Kate Hudson+A-ROD = NOOOOOO!
May 29, 2009, 4:34 pm
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Kate Hudson+Alex Rodriguez

NOT YOU TOO, KATE! I really don’t get what it is about this man that is SO appealing? ugh,  they’ve been seen making out everywhere supposedly. I really hope it’s just a thing! Then again, I really could care less?! haha


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As now, A-Rod is the best ever as a baseball player. The Yankee won the serie because of HIM.
In term of all the Gassopies..ENVIES..He is a Barchellor and he is intelligent enough not to make a second mistake..and repeat Cynthia who by been a mosquita Muerta get away with millions..SO..By saying this…Alex be very careful in selecting, because there are out there woman who have nothing to offer..YOU ARE THE BEST EVER AS A BASEBALL PLAYER

Comment by Luisa Burgos

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