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Gwen Stefani Has Hot Packs
August 7, 2009, 9:41 am
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I overheard a few people who attended Gwen’s recent concert talking about how fabulous her abs were. Until I saw this picture below did I understand why there was much talk about it. We have a mother of two her, people! Yea I’m sure she has a trainer, but to get abs like that…it’s her own drive and doing. Not every performer has a pack like that. I now add Gwen to my ab inspiration list! Gwen Stefani


Weight gain leads to The Price of Beauty
June 23, 2009, 9:35 pm
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Jessica SimpsonI’m sure many of you are familiar with Jessica Simpsons much talked about and might I add, criticised weight gain. This might have been the next best thing for her career as VH1 has picked her up for a reality TV show called, “The Price of Beauty.”

She will travel all over the world to meet everyday women. She will study the local fashions, dietary fads, and beauty regimes.

Jessica says: “I have always believed that beauty comes from within and confidence will always make a woman beautiful, but I know how much pressure some women put on themselves to look perfect. I am really looking forward to discovering how beauty is perceived in different cultures and participating in some of the crazy things people do to feel beautiful. I know we will all learn a lot on this journey and I am so excited that VH1 is coming along on what I’m sure will be a wild ride.”

Smartwater Supports Healthy Living For Kids
June 23, 2009, 9:04 pm
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Jennifer+Smart WaterSmartwater just launched a limited-edition smartwater bottle, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the non-profit organization Action For Healthy Kids. Their objective is to get kids moving, eating well, staying hydrated and educated on what it takes to live healthy lives.

5 cents of each bottle sold will go directly to Action for Healthy Kids, with a minimum donation of $1 million.

Jennifer Aniston, the Smartwater spokesperson said,“I really learned so much from these kids during the art session and am grateful to be able to partner with smartwater to help such an amazing organization, one that makes an enormous difference in kids’ lives every day.”

TV Guides cover is Burnin’ up
June 23, 2009, 8:42 pm
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Burn NoticeJeffrey Donovan and Burn Notice co-star, Gabrielle Anwar reveal their “hot bods” for the latest issue of TV Guide.

He modestly shares his secret to staying in such good shape: “Basically, all I do is work out and eat.” Oh how simple that sounds!!!

As for Gabrielle, [a mother of three, might I add!] yoga is her go to! “I try to do a little every day because if I don’t, I don’t feel connected to my body.” On eating: “I start the day trying to be a vegan, but I daily fall off the wagon into a chocolate puddle.”

Exercise: The Road to Happiness
June 19, 2009, 8:55 pm
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Exercise: The Road to Happiness

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David Beckham: Briefs+Rope
June 14, 2009, 10:58 pm
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David Beckham

Enough Said!!!!

Scary Spice has serious abs
June 1, 2009, 5:38 pm
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Mel B

I might just have a new ab inspiration [but a bit less ‘intense’] – unless Fergie steps up her fitness game!